CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LOG IN WITH YOUR WORDPRESS.COM USERNAME & PASSWORD.   If you are already logged in to you will land on the Dive Card Archive dashboard.



*(By logging in I agree to abide by the following criteria).
Industry Partners may only enter scanned copies of diving credentials into the Dive Card Archive at the direction of the cardholder. Email addresses and other personal information are not allowed to be entered anywhere in the Dive Card Archive database (this keeps evil away). Name and image files of diving credentials only please. Everything else will be deleted. Abuse may result in suspension of Industry Partner access and privileges. So be nice. Thanks.


To create an entry from the dashboard just follow these 10 steps:

  1. ASK the cardholder if they want you to put a copy of their c-card into the Dive Card Archive. 
  2. VERIFY the cardholder is the same person on the card.  If you did not certify the cardholder ask them to  provide another form of photo ID to verify (driver’s license, college or student ID, passport, state issued ID card etc.)
  3. SCAN an image of the front and back of the diving credential and save it on your computer or select existing images. (JPEG, GIF and TIF formats please)
  4. LOG IN to the Dive Card Archive from the Industry Partner Portal page.
  5. From the left sidebar of the DCA dashboard select “Post” then select “Add New“.
  6. At the top left of the new post screen select  “Add Media” and this will allow you to choose the images you wish to load for this entry.
  7. Where the post says “Enter Title Here” type in the card holder’s first and last name. (For example: Joe Diver) No nicknames please (this means you Mad Dog).
  8. Under “Categories” select “ALL CARDS”  and the agency of the credentials entered (US NAVY, NASD, YMCA, NAUI etc.)
  9. Under “Tags” enter the first name, first and last name, and last name (for example Joe, Joe Diver, Diver).
  10. If the cardholder wants a publicly searchable entry then hit “Publish” on the right hand sidebar and you are done! NICE JOB

(OPTIONAL) If the cardholder wants to password protect his or her entry then click  the “Visibility”  link on the right sidebar and select “Edit”.  The default setting is public.  To enter a password select “password protect” and enter the password provided by the card holder. Now hit “Publish” and you are set. 

In addition to scanning you can create an entry on the DCA with a Smartphone that is running the mobile app. You need to be logged in to the DCA site (you can do this by clicking the wp-admin link at the top of this page). You can also use a digital camera and transfer the image files to a computer with an internet connection.

Having trouble?

Request a phone support  or interactive training right here.  Complete this form and we will arrange a time to provide you with phone support, one-on-one interactive training or an online presentation on the Dive Card Archive.