There are two ways to get your dive card into the Dive Card Archive:

1. Go to any one of our industry partners and ask to be entered into the Dive Card Archive.  Bring your card and they will take care of the rest.  The process takes 5 minutes and is free to all certified divers.
2. Complete this form and you will receive an email with detailed instructions:

You will receive the email shortly (and no this does not put you on a mailing list). While you are waiting take a photograph or scan your card both front and back  (preferred format is JPEG and 640×478 is plenty big).  Make sure both images are clear and legible.  We suggest that you use NO flash and take the photographs in a bright room on a solid, non reflective background for best results. Do not alter/modify the image or it cannot be used.

After you submit your dive card images via email, you will receive a DCA confirmation email within 48 hours and a permalink of your dive card archive entry and your dive card will be included in our searchable database.

You’re done!

You can return to the site and search by your name and dive agency.