The Dive Card Archive is a concept from a SCUBA instructor and professional Dive Guide who saw there was a problem with verifying c-cards when vacationing passengers/divers would forget their cards at home. The Dive Card Archive endeavors to resolve that problem by providing a community-based database of dive credentials that divers and dive operators can use when they need to show credentials (i.e. before engaging in diving activities, purchasing air or nitrox, etc.).

Dive operators that participate in the partner program can search the entire database for registered divers.  If you are new to the Dive Card Archive, our partners can load your diving credentials into the Dive Card Archive database. We also offer archiving events at various locations.  You retain your c-card and the digital copy is archived in a searchable database that can be accessed worldwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There are ancillary benefits as well…

PROBLEM 1: A few SCUBA certifying  agencies are no longer in business.  For example, a catastrophic fire at NASD archives in the 1980’s destroyed  hundreds of certification files making verification or replacing c-card impossible without taking the course again through an active certifying agency. Today, even the ones that survive are getting pretty threadbare. Dive Card Archive captures your c-card in its current condition…forever (or as long as you are going to keep diving, you old salt).

PROBLEM 2: Verification of diving credentials across other agencies and across time zones.  A dive certification agency can certainly verify a card they issued but what if your outfitter is associated with another agency or what if you need to get a verification on a Sunday at 0700…in Thailand?  It is a conundrum.

Dive Card Archive = Problems Solved.

Dive Card Archive allows the diver and industry partners to verify diving credentials on-line anytime, anywhere in the world.

Now you can provide a digitized copy of your certification at the click of a mouse or the tap of a smart phone.  Never get stuck without your card again.

REMEMBER: Acceptance of a copy of your c-card is up to the individual Dive Shop Operator, Dive Boat Charter or Instructor.  All parties have the right to refuse service regardless of what credentials you provide. So be nice.